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If you're looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you're just ready to move into a new direction and truly improve your overall quality of life, Dr. Finneran looks forward to working with you to achieve your goals.


Purchase My Book "Surviving Domestic Abuse: Formal and Informal Supports and Services" Today!

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Some great things said by great people.

"As a clinician, this book is what you would call the soup to nuts guide in helping victims of DV. I learned so much on how to best support this population in my work. It’s surely a must-read for everyone, not just professionals in the field."
Budy J. Whitfield
Host of Beauteous Me Podcast & Licensed Clinical Social Worker
"Dr. Michele Finneran's new book is a carefully crafted study of the role of formal and informal support for victims of domestic violence... I highly recommend it!"
Judith McKay, J.D., Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Conflict Resolution & Community Studies, Nova Southeastern University
"As a psychotherapist and a survivor of emotional/physical abuse, I was looking for an effective and truly helpful book that I could utilize with my patients. I want to be confident that I am providing them with the most reliable supports possible which can help them to go from victim to survivor. I came across Dr. Michelle Finneran's book and purchased it straight away. I am very pleased that I did! What I like most about her book is that she uses the voices of actual domestic abuse survivors who provide the reader with details about what supports help, which do not and recommendations that we, as professionals, can implement to improve both informal and formal supports systems. Dr. Finneran's chapter on Empowerment Model and Theory is critical in helping to understand how we can help victims empower themselves to make healthy changes... This playbook is not only important for all mental health professionals but should also be required reading for doctors, nurses, teachers, family court and community and religious leaders... I highly recommend this book!"
Elizabeth Poteet
Licensed clinician
"Using the voices of the survivors themselves, Dr. Finneran highlights the complexities of seeking and receiving help for domestic violence. The reader is provided with a macro level view of the professional services that are currently available as well as a blueprint for improving our system of care. The reader is also left with a better understanding of how to offer informal support to those we know and love who may be affected by interpersonal violence."
Dr. Elena Welsh, Ph.D
Author of Trauma Survivors' Strategies for Healing: A Workbook to Help You Grow, Rebuild and Take Back Your Life
"Dr. Michele Finneran has created an incredibly useful resource with her book 'Surviving Domestic Abuse'. Not only is it greatly helpful for survivors of domestic abuse, the research found within these pages will also help professionals that work with people that have experienced this type of trauma. Michele has managed to take a very complex issue and explain things in a clear and concise way. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking to understand more about domestic violence."
Isaac Marano
After Dark Podcast Host


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